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Dr. Dan Zhu

Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems  

Department of Computer Science


3226 Gerdin Business Building
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
515-294-2534 (fax)



Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University



  • Business Analytics

  • Healthcare Informatics

  • Decision Support Systems

  • Knowledge Management

Dan Zhu is Professor of  Information Systems and Computer Science at Iowa State University.   She received her Ph.D. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining the ISU, Dr. Zhu was an Assistant Professor in the College of Business at the University of Iowa.  Her research emphasizes the development of computational and analytical models to support business decision makings. Dr. Zhu has published papers in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, ACM Transactions, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Information System Research, Decision Sciences, Annals of Statistics, Naval Research Logistics,  Annals of Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, and many other professional journals.


Selected Publications

  • J. S. Lee and D. Zhu, Shilling Attack Detection – A New Approach for A Trustworthy Recommender System, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2012. download

  • Z. Huang, H. Zhao and D. Zhu, Two New Prediction-driven Approaches to Discrete Choice Prediction, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, vol. 3, No. 2, Article 9, 2012. download

  • L. Liu, C. Li and D. Zhu, A New Method for Testing Nomological Validity and Its Application to the Measurement of Trust, Journal of Associations for Information Systems (JAIS), forthcoming.  

  • L. Liu and D. Zhu, An Integrated e-Service for Electronic Medical Records, Journal of Information Systems and e-Business Management, download

  • Jong-Seok Lee and D. Zhu, A Sub-tree Grafting Approach for Unbalanced Data Classification, Decision Sciences, Volume 42, Number 4, November, 803-829, 2011. download 

  • X. Li and D. Zhu, Object Technology Software Selection, Annals of Operations Research, 185: 5-24, 2011.

  • D. Zhu, A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Ensembles, Decision Support Systems, Vol. 38, Issue 3,  480-487, 2010.

  • D. Zhu, B. Li and S. Wu, Identity Disclosure Protection: A Data Reconstruction Approach for Preserving Privacy in Data Mining, Decision Support Systems, 48, 133-140, 2009.

  • C. Chang, H. Y. Jiang, D. Yu, D. Zhu and Y. Ge, Timeline-Based Model for Software Project Scheduling with Genetic Algorithms Journal of Information and Software Technology, 11, 1142-1154, 2008.

  • S. Nilakanta, L. Miller and D. Zhu, Organizational Memory Management: Technological and Research Issues, Journal of Databases, 17 (1), 85-94, January-March 2006. download 

  • Y. Yang and D. Zhu, Randomized Allocation with Nonparametric Estimation for a Multi-armed Bandit Problem with Covariates, Annals of Statistics, Vol. 30, 100-121, 2002.

  • D. Zhu, G. Premkumar, X. Zhang and Chao-Hsien Chu, Data Mining for Network Intrusion Detection: A Comparison of Alternative Methods, Decision Sciences, Vol. 32, No. 4, 635-660, Fall 2001.

  • D. Zhu and R. Padman, A Metaheuristic Strategy for Scheduling Resource-Constrained Projects with Cash Flows, Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 46, 912-927, 1999.

  • D. Zhu, M. Prietula, and W. Hsu, When Processes Learn: Steps Toward Crafting An Intelligent Organization, Information Systems Research, Vol. 8, No. 3, 302-317, 1997.

  • D. Zhu and R. Padman, Connectionist Approaches for Solver Selection in Constrained Project Scheduling, Annals of Operations Research, Vol. 72, 265-298, 1997.

  • X. Zhu, Y. Lee, H. A. Simon, D. Zhu, Cue Recognition and Cue Elaboration in Learning from Examples, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 93. 1346-1351, Feb. 1996.