Milestone 1

MIS 432 Fall 2003
Information Systems Analysis





 MS 1 Project Identification and Planning

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MS 1a

Complete a System Service Request form.  See Figure 6-3 for an example of the form components and layout. Make sure that your problem statement is detailed.  (Please don't write in the first person as shown in the example.) 


MS 1b

Moved to MS 2: Provide a description of the solution that you anticipate that you will be generating for the project.  This description should include enough detail about the system to demonstrate that you are informed about the organization, its problem(s), and business and technical solutions that you anticipate could be used to address the problem.  In summary, this is a statement of what you anticipate your response to the systems service request form will be (i.e., what is your understanding in general terms of what you are expected to provide to the client).


MS 1c

Prepare a Project Charter that lists your teams norms and ground rules. You should consider and document rules pertaining to issues such as roughing out a regular meeting schedule or place, member participation, goals held by individual team members, how you will handle tardiness or failures to complete assigned tasks, and similar issues.  You do not need to document all of these issues, but you should consider them and put into writing those rules that you think should be written down.  All members should sign this form.


MS 1d

Prepare a Gantt chart and a related Network Analysis Pert chart documenting the major project components for your system.  Make certain you that you include the duration, predecessors, resource assignments, and other details about the tasks to be performed.  Use MS Project to complete this task.  Make sure that you include resources such as team members and that you break tasks into sub-tasks when a project component appears to be complex or difficult (e.g., for things like DFDs).  A poorly thought out task list and timeline will lower your grade on this activity. 


MS 1e

Journal and evaluation forms.  Submit your team's journal and your individual evaluation form.  Your team's project grade will be reduced by 10% if you fail to submit a journal and by 5% for each evaluation form that is not included.




Before you turn in the first MS, Derive a name for your team and place this name on a cover sheet for your Project Binder. All milestones should be logically and neatly organized in the Project Binder (e.g., use labeled dividers to separate sections, sequence milestones by their numeric order, place cover sheets at the beginning of each section, etc.).