Team Evaluations


Instructions: Read this form first.  Then fill in the cells below with a percentage grade indicating how you rate your teammate's performance. 



Team Member Participation                             

You have the opportunity to evaluate the other members of your team.  This evaluation will be used for altering the milestone grades as needed. In other words, the evaluation scores earned by each student will be used to lower a studentís grade if they have not participated in your groupís activities.[1]  Your criteria for making this rating should include the relative amount of substantive work that each individual completed on your team's milestones.                           


To evaluate your teamís members, please assign each member a percentage score that reflects the relative contribution that each member made to the teamís activities.  In effect, this is a grade of their participation.   If all members participated equally, give each member 100%.  If someone deserves an A, B, C, D, or F, assign appropriate percentage scores accordingly. For example, someone earning a B might get 85% while someone earning a C might get 75%; the exact percentage score you assign is up to you.   I will drop your self evaluation when calculating your average score.                                     


Things that you should consider in making this evaluation include:                                  



Do not rate others based on your personal feelings about individuals (e.g., I don't like him/her, so I will zap 'em), but rather based on their contribution in the team's work.  If you rate someone with a low percentage, you MUST provide a written description of the reasons for this rating in the comments section below.  Please feel free to reference your journal or other documentation as needed.                                

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