My Philosophy of Research

As a graduate of Indiana University, a top-tier doctoral program in business, I received a Ph.D. education that was not only methodologically rigorous, but which also sparked my interest and excitement about scholarly research. In summary, my research in management information systems is guided by my belief that it is my responsibility and duty to pursue, capture, discover, create, and transmit knowledge about the way that information technology is developed, managed, and used. The purpose and result of this is to enable me to translate what I have learned into information that can be disseminated via professional publications and correspondence, to my students in and outside of the classroom, and to the university and broader community.   

To achieve these objectives, I base my research on several core tenets.  First, an important issue for me is the relevance of my research.  In my opinion, it is critical that the research in which I engage not only be interesting to me, but also be of use to other academics and/or to the business community at large.   Second, I strive to conduct the highest quality research possible.  If research is to be relevant, it must also be based on quality data, thorough analysis, and properly reasoned interpretation.  I therefore think that it is critical that I endeavor to maintain high quality standards in the research in which I participate.  Third, for my research to be of high quality, it is also important that I maintain personal and professional integrity in all of my endeavors.  This implies that I should maintain high standards of attitudes and behaviors so that my colleagues and associates within as well as outside of the academic community will know me as a person of integrity, a man who can be trusted.  Fourth, although I hold truth to be immutable, my knowledge about what is true can and will change.  Therefore, to conduct high quality research I must be open to different perspectives, methodologies, and ways of thinking in order to advance my understanding of the nature of what I study.  In summary, I think that academic research is a fascinating endeavor, one that I believe I am fortunate to be able to engage in.