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Qing Hu, Ph.D.
Qing Hu   

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research
Union Pacific Professor in Information Systems

College of Business
Iowa State University
2211 Gerdin Business Building
Ames, IA 50011-1350

Tel: (515) 294-8925
Fax: (515) 294-2534

Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar Profile


Academic Experience

Qing Hu earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lanzhou University of Technology, China, in 1982, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, China, in 1985, M.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami, Florida, in 1991, and Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami, Florida in 1994. He started his academic career as Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Florida Atlantic University in August, 1994, and was promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure in May, 1999 and Professor in May 2006. In May, 2001, He was appointed as the Adams Professor of Information Technology of the InternetCoast Institute at Florida Atlantic University. In October, 2007, he was appointed Chair of the Department of Information Technology & Operations Management. In July 2009, he joined Iowa State University to become Dean's Professor and Chair of the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems in the College of Business. In July 2011, he was named the Union Pacific Professor in Information Systems, and in July 2012, he was appointed Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research in the Collge of Business at Iowa State University.

Professional Profile

Qing Hu teaches information technology strategy, electronic commerce, and business applications development at undergraduate and graduate levels. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Solution Developer (MCSD) and a Charter Member of the MCSD Program. His research interests include strategic IT management, IT value, information security, and cross culture issues in information technology. He has published over 100 research papers in refereed journals, academics conferences, and scholarly books. His work has appeared in some of the top journals in the information systems discipline such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, California Management Review, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and Communications of the ACM. He has been invited to speak at research seminars and conferences at some of the leading universities in the world, including the University of Oulu, Helsinki School of Economics, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, and Nanjing University. He was the Scott Adams Professor of Interne Technology from 2003-2006 at Florida Atlantic University, has been the Union Pacific Professor in Information Systems at Iowa State University Since 2011, and a leading researcher for a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) funded research project on secure communications network from 2005 to 2007. He ranked 53rd among the Top 100 IS Researchers in the world based on publications in the AIS Top 6 journals in 2009-2013.

Selected Publications

On Information Security

Hu, Q., West, R. and Smarandescu, L. (2015) “The Role of Self-Control in Information Security Violations: Insights from A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 31(4), 6-48.

Xu. Z. C., Hu, Q., and Zhang, C. H. (2013) "Why Computer Talents Become Computer Hackers." Communications of the ACM, 56(4), 64-74.(15,790 full-text downloads as of April 13, 2014 from ACM Digital Library)

Hu, Q., Dinev, T., Hart, P., and Cooke, D. (2012) "Managing Employee Compliance with Information Security Policies: The Role of Top Management and Organizational Culture." Decision Sciences, 43(4), 615-660.

Hu. Q., Xu, Z. C., Dinev, T., and Ling, H. (2011) "Does Deterrence Work in Reducing Information Security Policy Abuse by Employees?" Communications of the ACM, 54(6), 34-40.

Yayla, A. and Hu, Q. (2011) "The Impact of Information Security Events on the Stock Value of Firms: The Effect of Contingency Factors," Journal of Information Technology, 26(2), 60-77.

Dinev, T., Goo, J., Hu, Q., and Nam, K. (2009) "User Behavior towards Protective Technologies -The Role of National Cultural Differences," Information Systems Journal. 19(4), 391-412.

Huang, C. D., Hu, Q., and Behara, R. (2008) "An Economic Analysis of the Optimal Information Security Investment in the Case of a Risk-Averse Firm," International Journal of Production Economics, 114(2), 793-804.

Dinev, T. and Hu, Q. (2007) "The Centrality of Awareness in the Formation of User Behavioral Intentions towards Preventive Technologies in the Context of Voluntary Use," Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 8(7), 386-408.

Hu, Q., Hart, P., and Cooke, D. (2007) "The Role of External Influences on Organizational Information Security Practices: An Institutional Perspective," Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 16(2), 153-172.

Hu, Q. and Dinev, T. (2005) "Is Spyware an Internet-Age Nuisance or Public Menace?" Communications of the ACM, 48(8), 61-66.

On Information Technology Strategy

Yayla, A. and Hu, Q. (2014) "The Effect of Board of Directors' IT Awareness on CIO Compensation and Firm Performance." Decision Sciences, 45(3), 401-436.

Xiao, J. H., Xie, K., and Hu, Q. (2013) "Inter-Firm IT Governance in Power Imbalanced Buyer-Supplier Dyads: Exploring How It Works and Why It Lasts," European Journal of Information Systems, 22(5) 512-528.

Yayla, A. and Hu, Q. (2012) "The Impact of IT-Business Strategic Alignment on Firm Performance in a Developing Country Setting: Exploring Moderating Roles of Environmental Uncertainty and Strategic Orientation," European Journal of Information Systems, 21(4), 373-387.

Quan, J, Hu, Q. and Hart, P. (2003) "IT Investments and Firms' Performance - A Duopoly Perspective," Journal of Management Information Systems, 20(3), 121-158.

Hu, Q., Saunders, C. S., and Gebelt, M. (1997) "Information Systems Outsourcing: A Reevaluation of Influence Sources," Information Systems Research, 8(3), 288-301.

Saunders, C. S., Gebelt, M., and Hu, Q. (1997) "Achieving Success in Information Systems Outsourcing," California Management Review, 39(2), 63-79.

On Enterprise Information Systems

Shao, Z., Feng, Y. Q., Hu, Q. (2015) "Effectiveness of Top Management Support to Enterprise System Success: A Contingency Perspective of Fit between Leadership Style and System Lifecycle." European Journal of Information Systems. Forthcoming.

Saraf, N., Liang, H., Xue, Y., and Hu, Q. (2013) "How Does Organizational Absorptive Capacity Matter in the Assimilation of Enterprise Information Systems?" Information Systems Journal, 23(3), 245-267.

Liu, L. N., Feng, Y. Q., Hu, Q., and Huang, X. J. (2011) "From Transactional User to VIP: How Organizational and Cognitive Factors Affect ERP Assimilation at Individual Level," European Journal of Information Systems, 20(2), 186-200.

Liang, H., Saraf, H., Hu, Q., and Xue, Y. (2007) "Assimilation of Enterprise Systems: The Effect of Institutional Pressures and the Mediating Role of Top Management," MIS Quarterly, 31(1), 59-87. Emerald Citations of Excellence Award for 2011

On Software Development

Hu, Q., Plant, R. T., and Hertz, D. (1998) "Software Cost Estimation Using Economic Production Models," Journal of Management Information Systems, 15(2), 143-163.

Hu, Q. (1997) "Evaluating Alternative Software Production Functions," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 23(6), 379-387.




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